Alice Ensor was raised by a single mom and her Great Grandmother in Queens, New York. Though she may look like a Mid-west mom, there’s an Irish, would-be-Italian strength hiding just beneath the surface. She stepped on stage for the first time at five years old in the church choir festival, and that was it - she knew she had found a home. Her mom is her hero, and she credits her as the person who truly taught her to take “risks.” After all, it took some major Chutzpah to pack up the Delta 88 Olds with Grandma and the dog in the 1970’s and drive cross country to start a new life

It was likely the transition to California that offered Alice one of her earliest challenging roles - one that required her to lose her heavy New York accent (though if you cut her off in traffic, you’re likely to hear it), and to fit in among a sea of tanned bodies and surf gear. It was the first of many hurdles that helped her morph from City tough kid, to Western Equestrian and a top competitor in Speech & Drama. Through college, and all the years that followed, her true constant has always been a love of performance... it’s what drove her then, and still drives her today.